Contact Information

Mary Beth Walker, City Assessor

If you have any questions please contact the Assessing Department Clerk Darcy Moore at 692-9520 or email

A City-Wide Revaluation will begin in July 2014.  Please see link below to find out more information.

Revaluation notice June 2014

Tax cards can now be accessed online. See the link below.
Link to NH Registry of Deeds
Tax Cards
Tax Maps
FAQ-assessing- 2014

2013 Cycled Inspections Letter
2013 Cycled Inspection Map

2012-2013 Sales- Somersworth
Tax Rate Info

Change of Mailing Address.pdf

Choose this link for information relative to abatement’s.

Tax Credits and Exemptions Overview
This link describes the general rules regarding Tax Credits and Exemptions including change of residence. Use the links below for more specific information on individual Credit and Exemptions.

Elderly Tax Exemptions
A tax exemption in the form of a set amount off of the assessed value of a property is granted to qualifying persons age 65 and over.

Veterans Credit
Choose this link for the specific credits that are available to qualifying veterans.

Blind Exemption
Choose this link for a description of the Blind Exemption.

Tax Deferral for Elderly and Disabled
Please choose this link for information relative to hardship relief for the elderly and disabled.