Borrowing Information

Loan periods are 2-3 weeks for all materials. If needed for either travel or school, an automatic renewal of three weeks may be requested at the time of checkout. Items checked out that do not have any holds may be renewed once either at the Library, by e-mail or over the telephone. Exceptions for another renewal may be made upon request.

Fines are 25 cents per day except Sundays and holidays for books, magazines and audio-books to a maximum of $7.50 per item, maximum $20.00 per due date. Fines for videos, both VHS and DVD, are $1.00 per day except Sundays and holidays to a maximum of $5.00 per item, maximum $20.00 per due date. The first Friday of each month is Fine Free First Friday and any overdue books, magazines, audio books or movies may be returned that day without penalty.

Library cards are free for those who are residents of Somersworth, own property or a business in Somersowrth, attend Somersworth public schools from other communities or are employed by the City or School District and are at least five years old. Children age five through seventeen must have a parent or guardian sign their library application indicating willingness to be responsible for the items loaned to the child. You must present proof of residency or employment in Somersworth and positive personal identification when applying for a card. A driver’s license or non-driver identification card may be presented as positive personal identification. Non-residents may purchase a library card for $50.00 per year ($35.00 for 60 and older) and will also need to present positive identification when applying for a library card.