Requests and Interlibrary Loan

The Somersworth Public Library strives to meet all the reading and information needs of our citizens. The staff welcomes all requests, but must determine the best way to meet that request based on various criteria. Some requests are purchased and become a permanent part of the library’s collection. Other requests are borrowed from other libraries both in the state and out of state.

Requests may be taken in person using a form available at the Main Desk, over the telephone or via e-mail ( ).

Please include as much of the following information in your request as possible:

Author or Performer
Where You Heard of the Item You Are Requesting
Date of Publication or Production
Format Needed (Book, Audiobook on Cassette, Audiobook on CD, DVD, VHS, Other)
Telephone Number
Library Card Number

Interlibrary Loan Procedures

If the library borrows a book or other item from another library to fill your request, be aware of the due date placed in your requested item by the library staff as it may be different than the date found in the book. The library staff needs time to get the book back to the loaning library on time. Also, if you find you need to renew the book, please request your renewal before the due date, as it may take a day or two to contact the lending library. Some libraries are not open daily, and if the item you have has acquired a hold, the lending library may not grant your request for a renewal.