Volunteers and Adopt-A-Shelf


The library depends on volunteers to provide the best service to the community. Opportunities to volunteer are varied including membership in the Friends of the Somersworth Public Library or adopting a shelf or section of the library to keep in order. Other work includes putting books and other items away on the shelves, clerical work for main office and the children’s room, or helping with story hour craft preparation. The staff works with each volunteer to find the work that most interests and best suits them.

To volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application available at the main desk and set up an interview with the Library Director to determine what work you would like to do, a schedule for training, and to answer any questions you may have about the volunteer program.


The Somersworth Public Library is seeking interested volunteers who can donate time to keep one section of the library neat and in order by ‘adopting’ that section. They may choose a favorite novelist or two, a part of the non-fiction collection that they particularly enjoy such as art, rock music, the Civil War, or a whole collection such as the New Hampshire collection or Reading Rainbow books. Every 3-6 weeks, the volunteer should come into the library to check that the section they have adopted is in the correct order.

Adopt-A-Shelf forms are available at the main desk at the Somersworth Public Library. Training takes approximately 30 minutes. Volunteers may call 692-4587 to arrange a training appointment with the Library Director to find out the parts of the library still up for adoption, or for further information.