Administer Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations.

House the Public Works plans and records.

Review and issue permits to conduct work within the City’s Right of Way or easement.

Review projects and provide technical assistance for the Planning Board.

Inspect roadway projects, subdivision and site improvements for compliance with City’s standards.

Assist and oversee design and preparation of plans and cost estimates for City sponsored roadway projects.


Department of Public Works
Michael J. Bobinksy, Director of Public Works & Utilities


Permit Applications:

Trench Opening
Trench Permit

2017 Driveway Permit Application
Obstruction Permit
Septic System
Septic System Approval
Water/Sewer Connection
2014 Water Sewer Connection Permit
Sewer Betterment District

Attached Document or FileSidewalk Maintenance Plan Draft February 2011.pdf