Downtown Final Pave Schedule

The downtown reconstruction project is in its final stages.  The timeline for the final pave over the next two weeks will occur as follows:

July 13 – July 17

Monday – Raise sewer manhole by Canal Street, Explore Water Gate at Intersection, Explore Water Gate on Noble Street, Continue to remove fillets

Tuesday – Finish removal of fillets, raise water and gas covers, patch around covers, chip and shim around catch basins

Wednesday – Trim driveways and small approaches, Patch and shim as needed, sweep along curb

Thursday – Finish trimming, Mill approaches, Continue sweeping and cleanup, patching and shimming as needed

Friday – Work on punch list items

July 20 – July 24

Monday – Continue punch list items, final sweeping and cleanup for paving

Tuesday – Start Pavement overlay on mainline

Wednesday – Finish Pavement overlay on mainline

Thursday – Start Driveway and tie-in overlays

Friday – Finish Driveway and tie-in overlays

Should you have any questions or concerns, you may contact either Public Works at 692-4266, or the City Manager’s office at 692-9503.