City is converting all City Street Lights to LED Technology

The City of Somersworth has entered into a contract with Affinity LED Lighting to convert all street lights to highly efficient, low energy use LED technology.  Work has started on the conversion this past week and City officials anticipate the project to be completed by mid-June.  Affinity will be providing the City with extensive data on pole locations, light conversion wattage, and a real time web interface that allows one to view the progress of the installers work.

According to Michael Bobinsky, Director of Public Works and Utilities, the project includes an extensive field audit with GIS-based collection tools to confirm all current street light locations and verify billing and account data; the new street lights will come with a 10 year warranty.  Affinity LED crews are also recycling the older cobra head street lights after they are removed.

If you have questions please feel free to call the City Manager’s office at 692-9503.

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