Mayor Dana S. Hilliard 2018 – Spring is Here!


It has been a long hard winter. The unforgiving cold, the barren earth, the isolation, it has had an effect and taken a toll on us all. The conditions of the New England winters however reinforces the values of the Yankee identity all of us share. It strengthens, gives us resilience and restores our faith. It tests our determination, and our ability to have hope. With each winter that passes we are changed, we are enlightened a little more with a greater understanding of nature’s patterns and the circle of life; birth, growth, aging, death, resurrection.

Spring reminds us, reminds us that regardless of our beliefs that energy cannot be destroyed, that the life force which flows in every living thing will be dispersed, metamorphosed or reborn. That from the silence of winter, comes the awakening of life in the spring. We can feel life returning to the earth, its scents are in the air, in the warmth of a day amidst the plants and trees bursting with restored souls, reaching towards the heavens. The brightness of sunrises are now shared with the rejoicing song of the birds, welcoming the renewal of nature’s promise.

Spring is a rite, a journey, a motivator. The energy we stored throughout winter now desires to be used. The reflection we seasoned, yearns for motion. Our goals and dreams aspire to continue down the path towards our personal destinies. Our re-commitment to self is inspired by the return of light, the return of blue skies and the return of the gifts of life which surround us.

Spring is to be celebrated. Celebrate the return of flowers and the migrant birds. Celebrate the re-opening of your favorite ice cream shop and nightly walks. Celebrate sunny days, the opening of sealed home windows and spring star lit skies. Celebrate all that you have hoped for throughout the winter by putting into motion and practice a re-commitment to self. Celebrate that you are part of something, something which has continued forward in the Universe since the dawn of creation.

Celebrate the moment which surrounds you, and that will soon make way for the next part of the journey. Now is the time to celebrate, celebrate that you too have overcome the stillness of winter and are now journeying towards the resurrection of life.

For Somersworth we are “On the Move!” and our “Future is Now!”

We are a community! We are achieving progress and greatness!  WE ARE SOMERSWORTH! 

 Mayor Dana S. Hilliard



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