Mayor Dana S. Hilliard – The Colors of Diversity, the Colors of Hope

The Colors of Diversity, the Colors of Hope

We are a nation of dreams, we are a nation of hope, and we are a nation of color and diversity. The two hundred and forty two years of success of the American experiment has been built upon a foundation amassed by the threads which compile the nation, we call home. Each of us comes to the table with our own unique thread. Our threads interwoven adding to the beauty of our Nation’s master piece. We come forth with our talents, our hopes, our dreams, our love, adding to strength of the society, the strength of the creed, as we continue the journey forward. For a society that will protect, honor, validate and celebrate the differences with which it draws its freedom and liberties from.

For two hundred and forty two years we have continued to progress; progressed towards becoming our brothers and sisters keeper and progressed towards the equality we echoed to the four corners of the world on that hot summer day in Philadelphia. We overcame some of the demons which have torn the very fabric we’ve created, the savagery of slavery, the inequality of women, the oppression of immigrants and the disparity of Jim Crow. Two hundred and forty two years later, our nation continues to move forward as we march together, ensuring that unalienable rights bestowed to us by the creator and reaffirmed by our independence will continue to be protected for all.

This month, we celebrate and honor all members of the LBGT community who have continued to carry the torch of justice despite acts of bigotry and violence. We celebrate how far we have journeyed, from the closets of oppression to the legislative halls of government. We say thank-you for those who stood before us, through the jeers, the barrage of hate, the punches, to ensure that those who gather today could celebrate their love, could contribute to their society could reaffirm the promise of the protection of their rights.

The colors of the rainbow flag reminder us of how diverse the LBGT community is, how diverse our nation is. Each color on the flag shines in its only individual way, yet when sewn together become an inseparable entity illuminating the sky for all to see. This month we celebrate how far we have come, and remind ourselves as a community and nation how far we still have to journey.

For until every person within our nation is afford the rights they were promised on July 4th, 1776 the work of equality will never end. Until every person is treated with the human dignity they deserve our work will never end. This month let the colors of the rainbow continue to shine, this month let us celebrate the diversity that makes our great Hilltop City, our state and nation so strong, this month let us celebrate each other and all the fine qualities each of us continue to bring to the quilt we call life.

Happy Pride Somersworth, Happy Pride New Hampshire, Happy Pride America!

For Somersworth we are “On the Move!” and our “Future is Now!”

We are a community! We are achieving progress and greatness!  WE ARE SOMERSWORTH! 

 Mayor Dana S. Hilliard



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