Mayor Dana S. Hilliard – The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues

Life is a magical journey, at every turn, at every intersection we are reminder of the joys, sorrows and challenges which encompass our existence. Each moment is to be celebrated, each moment cherished, each experience both positive and negative honored for what they are, part of the circle we call life.

Our journey is not independent but interdependent, each step we take along the journey will be woven with the threads of others, adding to the cosmic universal web of life. Each positive action will in turn foster positive effects. Each negative action will in turn harbor negative results. It is the intern connects and solace of walking through this journey as a partnership which we most cherish in life.

On June 27th, 2015 the United States Supreme Court ruled marriage equality for the LBGT community Constitutional, confirming the right from all LBGT community members to continue their journey in life as a partnership that others had enjoyed from centuries in our nation. On Thursday July 12th, 2018  my partner and I (Sean Peschel) after 16 years of walking together on this journey confirmed to each other a commitment in marriage to continue. The sharing of that journey and the common bond   all things in the universe share, was the theme on that day. Below is an excerpt from inspirational and spiritual message written and delivered by Matthew Thornton, a dear friend of ours who married us.

Excerpts from Matthew Thornton July 12th, 2018


All things are seen as interdependent

and inseparable parts of this cosmic whole;

as different manifestations of the same ultimate reality.

This oneness of the universe is not only

the central characteristic of the mystical experience,

but it is also one of the most important revelations of modern physics.


Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.

The Kybalion, the study of ancient Hermetic philosophy,

talks about the Principle of Vibration.

The different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit,

result largely from varying rates of Vibration.


Another Hermetic principle, the Principle of Polarity, explains that

opposites are the same, differing in only degree.

Opposites are two extremes of the same thing.

It is possible to change vibrations of one

toward the vibrations of the other,

in one’s own life and in the lives and minds of others.


The Principle of Rhythm embodies the truth that in everything

there is a manifested and a measured motion,

to and fro, backward and forward, an action and a reaction.


From these universal principles, we recognize the Law of Attraction –

the idea that vibrations that resonate well together,

rhythmically and harmoniously,

will find their way to each other.

And that collective vibration will sing loudly

and attract more of the same.


There is a perennial philosophy – a Tradition – that underlies

all world religions and spiritual systems.

It is a Tradition rooted in Divine Will, Divine Love, and Divine Wisdom,

whether individual expressions of the Tradition use those words or not.

Each religion simply approaches the experience of the Tradition

from a different angle, but they all lead to the same source of Truth.


We see Divine Love in Jesus Christ,

the embodiment of unconditional and self-sacrificing love,

who spoke of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Choosing love is the first step to attaining Christ Consciousness,

first choosing the love of God, of the Creative force,

and from that love we can be supported to choose love

in all other situations, and with all other people.


We see Divine Will in Pagan teachings,

personified by Merlin the Magician

who used his will to move the forces of the universe,

to make magic using nature, pure energy and pure intent,

and ceremonial rituals to help express these desires.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under will.

And we see Divine Wisdom in the Buddha,

found through the mastery of the mind

and the understanding of our perceptions.

Siddhartha, the Buddha, sought absolute knowledge

through the practice of meditation.

Our normal, waking consciousness

is but one special type of consciousness,

while all around us are potential forms of consciousness entirely different.

Divine Wisdom, or Knowing, is impossible without seeing.

Seeing is experiencing enlightenment.


Know that you will be tested

by the routines of daily life,

by chance and circumstance,

and by the full cycle of the seasons of life.

Know that together you must encounter life’s sorrow

no less than its sweetness,

its frustration along with its grace and ease,

its disappointments along with its fulfillment.


Keep your love alive with your openness to each other

and your enthusiasm for each other.

Let this be a marriage that enhances your individuality

and allows you to know

the greatest gift that life can give us –

the ability to love one another and to be loved.

Thank you Matthew for those inspiring words on that day. Thank you to all who have lead in the fight for equality to allow us to reach that moment of continuing our journey together. Let us all continue to celebrate that magic of life; as individuals, as couples, as families, and as a community.

For Somersworth we are “On the Move!” and our “Future is Now!”

We are a community! We are achieving progress and greatness!  WE ARE SOMERSWORTH! 

 Mayor Dana S. Hilliard



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