Mayor Dana S. Hilliard – Honoring & Rebuilding

Honoring and Building


All things are link, and bound together by the universal web of life. Each strand is effected by the other, the strength of the web rest in all parts functioning together as one unified creation in sync. One small tear or deficiency results in the dysfunction of the whole, each aspect, each micro is imperative to the design. Yet each stand in the design is unique, and will only be created once. While it may look similar in design, its creation can never be replicated, each design serving the same purpose, however individual created and different each time.


A community’s foundation of success is mirrored in the same creation of the web. Each of us our unique, and despite our similarities can never be duplicated. Our uniqueness strengthens the web, we reinforce it with our talents, commitments and passions. We bring to it life, with the feelings of joy, happiness, sorrow and fear. We combined our personal journeys into the creation of a living body, one that moves in unison towards the same direction and goals. Each of us is to be honored for who we are, and the life and living awareness we offer. While we honor the individual, we celebrate the strength which is created when we willingly become part of the community and dedicated ourselves towards the success of all.


Each success comes with a struggle and incredible individual and community sacrifices. It test us, and our willingness to continue. There are times when we question, question the route we are taking, question our individual strength and the strength of the community. There are times when are faith is eroded and overpowered with doubt, the web is shaken, and we are overcome with a sense of vulnerability. Yet with each strand that is fasten with support and belief, no elements can ever destroy the vision, passion or success which lays ahead.


Honor each other, honor every soul, and each part which makes up every member of our community. Bring to our community not only your own desires, but the desires for the whole. Travel together and not alone, celebrating each step of success we take, resting together when we are tired, overcoming our fears as a united group and without ego or stupidity admitting our falters. Success is awarded to the individuals who are not afraid to journey, success is awarded to the communities who are willing to sacrifice a bit of self for the achievement of the whole.



Let us continue the journey towards the success of the home we call Somersworth. Let us continue honoring and celebrating each other all we have overcome, all that we have created, and the masterpiece in the design we will continue to build.

For Somersworth we are “On the Move!” and our “Future is Now!”

We are a community! We are achieving progress and greatness!  WE ARE SOMERSWORTH! 

 Mayor Dana S. Hilliard



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