Mayor Dana Hilliard’s – “The True Spirit of the Holidays is Hope”

The True Spirit of the Holidays is HOPE
HOPE, that despite our differences, that during this holiday season, as we gather to celebrate our secular and non-secular traditions, we will continue to find the common thread which binds us all…love.
It is through the Christmas and Holiday lights which illuminate our homes, business and Cities that we are reminded of our love of life and shared human experiences; that during the darkest days of winter, light will overtake darkness; love will prevail over hate; and that Peace will overcome war.
The True Spirit of the Holidays is HOPE.
HOPE, that the magic which is displayed during the month of December will be planted, cultivated and harvested throughout the year. HOPE that the next generation will move forward with our successes, and learn though our failures, to create a society where all who embrace democracy, diversity, and tolerance will be celebrated and honored.
As we gather this holiday season and celebrate the return of light, let us celebrate ourselves and honor our traditions through peace and understanding. May the light of centuries shine through you; May love grace your households, families and friends; May the spirit of the holidays grace you this season and throughout the year; May you, and all who grace this earth, continue to work towards a world where our future generations will live in Peace.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
In the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays, the Holiday Peace Flag will fly at Citizens Park through the month of December.
Mayor Dana S. Hilliard




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