Mayor Dana S. Hilliard – “Building a Community”

It takes more than brick and mortar to build a community; it takes dedication, commitment, and love. It takes a willingness of hard work and effort towards the present yet foresight into the future. A true community is where each person’s talents and individualism is celebrated, where all are welcomed and dreams are supported.

Each morning as the sunrises, with pride and resilience, the flag of our county waves, signaling the start of a new day throughout the Hilltop City. As it waves in the wind, the excitement of the team which our citizens have elected to the City Council and School Board is reaffirmed, focused on keeping Somersworth “On The Move!” With an equal level of excitement and dedication, behind the doors of City Hall and throughout every city department, is a highly trained and skilled staff dedicated to the fulfillment of our community reaching success.

Somersworth is more than a community of roads and buildings; it is a home. A home comprised of caring citizens who understand the equation for success. To continue to build a community, one where each person can reach their goals and dreams, we need to be mindful that every action we take throughout the course of the day weighs upon how it will positively contribute to moving the place we love, forward.

A successful community is not only evaluated by how it treats all citizens, but the life lesson it instills in the next generation. Wearing Blue and White identifies us as Hilltoppers, so too does embracing the values which our community prides itself upon; neighbor helping neighbor, embracing diversity and ensuring that our next generation will have the tools and skills necessary to seek and fulfill their dreams.

As a community with pride each day, we awaken working towards our personal goals and the goals of our Hilltop City. With that same level of pride and dedication let us continue to inspire and support each other. Together as a community, we will keep Somersworth “On the Move!”



We are a community, we are on the move, and we are achieving progress and greatness.
                                    Mayor Dana Hilliard 



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