Mayor Dana S. Hilliard – “Journey of Success”

All of us have our places of peace. Some find peace among the grandeur of the mountains, while others find serenity in the flowing of a country brook. Our places calm us, ground us, balance us and reconnect us to what is truly important: life, and those who we cherish, respect, honor and love. Despite how disciplined we are, all of us lose focus, all of us neglect the fabrics which bind us to each other, and the earth and spirits which inspire and guide us.

The strong connections we build are engraved upon us like the notches of the White Mountains. Some of these connections walk beside us as we continue life’s journey, while others are faces from the past who will continue to influence us for eternity. They mold our daily interactions, they influence our decisions, and they help us grow.

Throughout our childhood, we will experience influencers, and continue the motion by influencing others.   Yet the foundation of how we can continue to progress our nation, state and city is quite basic: connections. Each one of us offers to our community the positive and negative experiences of life. Each of us have talents, skills, weakness and deficiencies. Each of us contributes a building block towards creating a society where every person will be honored and celebrated, and where we will continue to ensure that each person can reach potential, uncovering their hopes and dreams, and gaining an understanding of the connections each one of us shares.

For four years I have had the honor of leading and helping our community reconnect with the power, the skills, and the experiences each one of us holds, morphing this knowledge with a single mission dedicated to keeping Somersworth “On the Move”.  Each morning I arise renewing my dedication to the mission we carry forward, knowing with unwavering confidence that I stand aside citizens who share the same values.  I take pride in knowing that in our community we value each person as a living human being, one who experiences joy and sadness, happiness and pain, success and failure, and that to our community, celebrates and honors all.

“Family is not about blood. It’s about who is willing to hold your hand when you most need it.”   – Unknown

Together we will extend our hand to all who need it. Together we will continue on our journey of success for everyone who calls Somersworth home. Together we will celebrate, overcome obstacles, and honor all, together we will keep Somersworth “On the Move”!


We are a community, we are on the move, and we are achieving progress and greatness.
                                    Mayor Dana Hilliard 



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