The Mayor’s Corner – Change

Change is never easy, it brings a sense of uncertainty, anxiety, and distress. However, it is also a foundational part of life. We are surrounded by change, and guided by it through nature. We have conditioned ourselves to embrace the seasonal changes; fall to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall. Without haste, our body and mind prepare itself for a metamorphoses of landscape and weather. We acknowledge the change, adjust for the change, celebrate the change, and continue the cycle.

Yet, we know change can also be demanding. It test our ability to adjust physically and mentally. It can push our outer and inner limits while companioned with dissonance. We realize change is a part of our lives, that change will continue to happen, that change is constantly within motion. Despite our yielding of change, the reality holds that the majority of us do not embrace it, and that is makes us uncomfortable.

As individuals, we at some level captain our personal journey of change throughout life. We plot a course, prepare for storms which may steer us off, or delay our port of entry. Sometimes rough seas, or heavy fog may force us to re-plot our course, or even alter our route permanently. Yet, we never loose site of the direction in which we were heading as our compass continues to point.

As a community, together we navigate our direction. While many voices are heard along the journey, offering their opinions to secure a successful safe passage, the end destiny of achieving the goal is the same. The goal of success through change is a principal which continues to bind us. While the view of success may range as varied as opinion, all of us want to succeed, all of us want our community to succeed.  During our journey, our thoughts may lead us to believe that our personal success was secured by our own merit. However our success is interdependent upon the wisdom, commitment and sacrifices of others. The success of our community is reached by the application of those same principals.

We have traveled far as a community, and our journey towards success will continue with the changes that success will bring. Our journey towards success will be based upon change. Together will we continue to weather all storms, overcome all personal and community barriers, knowing that our travels and changes will continue for future generations.



We are a community, we are on the move, and we are achieving progress and greatness.
                                    Mayor Dana Hilliard 



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