New Beginnnings – Mayor Dana S. Hilliard

The bitter cold and darkness of winter quickly exits our thoughts with a warmth of just a few spring days. The barren land is replaced with an explosion of life, as Earth is awakened again. Nature reminds us of the mysteries which surround us, the circle of life. Spring is our signal of renewal, our chance to start a new, to continue on our journey to reach our goals.

As a community, we have experienced a transformation over the past three years as we continue our journey in reaching our Vision 2020 goals; of creating one of the most desired communities on the seacoast. Throughout Somersworth, the Hilltopper spirit of; neighbor helping neighbor, contributing to one’s community and supporting a vision of greatness for all, has once again become the foundational qualities which identify our great city.

While the path towards success is often viewed as a personal experience, it is our collective team approach which continues to define the qualities of identifying us as a Hilltopper. When each citizen can experience personal success, our community succeeds, when our citizens’ fail, our community fails. As a team and caring community, we support each other. As a team and caring community we celebrate reaching our milestones and goals. As a team and caring community, we will no longer shy away from review, areas we must improve upon.

As citizens your role is vital throughout the duration of this journey. You are the guiding hand that continues to keep Somersworth “On the Move”! Continue to adhere values which has made our Hilltop city a living definition of Yankeeism.  Remember that like the changes of the season, our community is progressing. Like winter, it can be hard awaiting the warmth and energy of spring, but as nature assures us, it is coming.



We are a community, we are on the move, and we are achieving progress and greatness.
                                    Mayor Dana Hilliard 



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