Command Staff

Chief Dean Crombie

Police Chief Dean Crombie

Relevant Work Experience: 
Hired as patrolman, December 1974
Promoted to Detective, 1979
Promoted to Sergeant, 1981
Promoted to Lieutenant, 1986
Promoted to Operations Commander, 1991
Appointed to Police Chief, 1995

Professional Certifications/Affiliations: 
Graduated Police Academy
Associate’s in Science, Saint Anselm College, 1978
Bachelor’s in Science, Saint Anselm College, 1981
Baxter School of Polygraph, San Diego, 1983
Babson Command Training Institute, Wellseley, MA, 1985
Senior Trustee, N.H. Retirement System, Present

Service and Accomplishments: 
State President, New Hampshire Police Association
Board of Directors, New Hampshire Chiefs Association
CFO, New Hampshire Police Cancer Fund
Trustee, American Legion
Police Educational Program, Firearms Instructor, Intoxilizer
Numerous Awards for Police Service

Captain David Kretschmar, Investigations Division Commander

Relevant Work Experience: 
Hired as patrolman, January 1983
Promoted to Detective Sergeant, 1986
Promoted to Patrol Lieutenant, 1995
Promoted to Captain, Investigations Division, 1999

Professional Certifications/Affiliations: 
Graduated US Air Force Security Police Academy, 1976
Graduated Alaska Municipal Police Academy, 1980
Graduated 63rd NH Police Academy, 1983
Graduate of Babson College Command Training Institute, 1993
Advanced Training in Narcotics, Homicide, and Management

Service and Accomplishments: 
Served in the US Air Force from 1976-1980
Chief of Police in Galena, Alaska from 1980-1982
Firearms Instructor, Drug Investigator
New Hampshire Police Association President, 2008-2009

Captain Russell Timmons

Captain Russell Timmons, Patrol Division Commander
This position entails the efficient management of the patrol division, to include: first, second, and third shifts, school crossing guards, building management and maintenance, vehicle maintenance, scheduling, and uniforms & equipment.

Relevant Work Experience:
Hired as patrolman, November 1981
Promoted to Patrol Sergeant, March 1998
Promoted to Patrol Lieutenant, September 2001
Promoted to Patrol Captain, March 2005

Professional Certifications/Affiliations:
Graduated US Army Military Police Academy, July 1976
Graduated 59th Police Academy, June 1981
BS Criminal Justice Hawthorne College
Numerous in-service courses offered by Police Standards and Training Council

Service and Accomplishments:
Served in the US Army from 1976-1980
Monroe County Sheriff Department (Ohio), February 1980
Served as Fatal Accident Investigator, Juvenile Officer, Prosecutor, Acting Detective
New Hampshire Police Association President, 2002

Lieutenant Timothy McLin, Communication Commander
This position entails supervising the dispatching of police calls, ambulance calls, fire calls, and the many 911 calls we receive. It also entails supervising the entries of wanted persons in The National Crime Information Center (NCIC), as well as all our In-State Wanted Person entries, Missing Persons, and entries of stolen items such as vehicles, computers, firearms, etc. This position requires interaction with the NH State Police NCIC Unit and FBI to coordinate and audit our many entries. The position also entails the monitoring and instituting of required training and tests for employees to be certified in the use of the various computer systems used in the Communications Center.

Relevant Work Experience:
Hired as Part-Time Officer, January 1991
Hired as Full-Time Patrolman, September 1991
Promoted to Detective/Juvenile Officer, 1998
Promoted to Patrol Sergeant, 2000
Promoted to Patrol Lieutenant, 2005

Professional Certifications/Affiliations:
Graduated from the 99th NH Police Academy, 1993
Graduate of Babson College Command Training Institute
Graduate of Leadership Institute
Advanced training in Sexual Assault Investigations, Child Abuse Investigations, Homicide Investigations

Service and Accomplishments:
Served in US Navy from 1984-1990

Lieutenant John Kelly, Detective
This position entails supervising the Detective Division, overseeing all cases that the Division is investigating, as well as responding to major incident call outs, maintaining information flow and communication between the Detectives in the Division and the Division Commander and ensuring that Detectives are well versed in all aspects of their positions. Also the Detective Lieutenant is responsible for overseeing prosecution and the School Resource Officer to ensure all policies and procedures are followed and the judicial process adhered to. The Detective Lieutenant works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in a variety of investigations.

Relevant Work Experience:
Hired as Full Time Police Officer, January 1999
School Resource Officer, Somersworth High School, 2000-2001
Promoted to Detective/Juvenile Officer, 2001
Promoted to Detective Sergeant, 2006
Promoted to Detective Lieutenant, 2013

Professional Certifications/Affiliations:
Graduated from the 117TH Police Academy, 1999
Graduated from School Resource Officer School, 2000
Graduated from Basic Clandestine Laboratory School DEA Quantico, VA 2003
Graduate of Leadership Institute at Roger Williams University, 2006
Graduate of Site Safety Officer DEA Academy Quantico, Virginia, 2007
Graduate of DEA Tactical School DEA Academy Quantico, Virginia, 2009
Advanced Training in Sexual Assaults, Blood Spatter Interpretation, Homicides and Drug Investigations

Service Accomplishments:
Served in the U.S Army Reserves from Aug ’89-Aug ’90
Served in the U.S Army from 1992-1998