Patrol Divisions

2011 Dodge Charger at Willand Pond

2011 Dodge Charger at Willand Pond

The Patrol Division is responsible for:

Housing Officer
Animal Control Officer
Parking Enforcement


Patrol Officers are responsible for the following duties:

  • To represent a positive and professional image of the city and of the Police Department to all persons.
  • To promote trust, cooperation and respect for the Police Department within the community.
  • To prevent violations of laws and ordinances.
  • Enforcement of City Ordinance violations, State Statutes, and Motor Vehicle Laws.
  • To arrest criminal offenders.
  • To suppress civil disturbances.
  • To conduct investigations of accidents, crime scenes and animal abuse or neglect.
  • To give aid and information to all persons as required.
  • To provide referral information as required
  • To assist and support all Public Safety and EMS

Housing Officer


Dispatch handles the dispatching for police, fire and EMS. They are responsible for the handling of alarms, 911 CAD system, phone systems to include 911, computer systems to include Motor Vehicle, criminal records, NCIC, LAN, IMC and interact with walk-in complaints and the entries of calls. Their duties include:

  • Receives and prioritizes emergency and non-emergency calls on a multi-line phone console and 911 system, gathers necessary information and alerts appropriate responders; answers routine calls for service, questions and other administrative calls; refers to appropriate agency or person as necessary; provides preliminary first aid, CPR instructions and other emergency medical dispatch services.
  • Records calls, broadcasts and complaints received.
  • Updates all emergency files and daily log.
  • Receives and transmits messages on police radio and maintains radio log.
  • Scans status charts and computer screens to determine units available; coordinates all police, fire, ambulance and other emergency requests, relaying instructions to closest and most suitable units available.
  • Monitors location and status of all officers on duty and keeps supervisors advised.
  • Utilizes State Police On-Line Telecommunications System (SPOTS) to obtain license/vehicle information, wanted persons checks, criminal background checks and to update records.
  • Interprets state, county and city maps as necessary in handling public safety service requests.
  • Tapes booking room, monitors jail cell cameras to ensure safety of inmates and monitors juveniles held for interviews, awaiting parents or the like.
  • Monitors file alarm panel, locked entry doors and the station’s cruisers.
  • Makes various phones call to arrange for tow trucks, bail, and the like.
  • Calls highway department out or others in public works when services such as snow removal are necessary.
  • Performs various clerical duties such as typing and issuing permits, preparing and distributing SPOTS messages, collecting fees and fines, and various data entry functions related to citations, warnings, summons and the like.
  • Interacts with visitors to provide a variety of information and assistance or direct to appropriate personnel.
  • May assist in training and orienting new dispatchers.

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for responding to loose dogs, assisting in animal abuse and neglect investigations, licensing of dogs, investigations of dog bites/rabies quarantines, and follow ups on animal vaccine requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Officer patrols business and residential areas on foot or in a city vehicle to look for illegally parked vehicles or abandoned/junk vehicles; may enforce provisions of the bicycle ordinance; responds to and investigates complaints from the public; places immobilization devices on violating vehicles; provides for towing of vehicles. The Parking Enforcement Officer also:

  • Issues summons to violating vehicles.
  • Receives and responds to parking complaints from the public.
  • Reports accidents and other incidents to headquarters.
  • Prepares notice of infraction letters; tracks and monitors status of infraction letters; transfers for collection if needed.
  • Testifies in court as needed.
  • Performs related reporting, filing and records maintenance tasks such as processing daily payments, completing daily logs, entering data into computer programs and printing notices, filing paid tickets.
  • Performs traffic duties at schools and the like when necessary.
  • Oversees parking ticket appeal process to include preparing related reports.