Trash/Recycling Pick Up Schedule – Week of July 4, 2018

Please be advised that trash and recycle pick ups will be delayed during the week of July 2 through July 6, 2018, due to the Independence Day holiday.  The modified schedule is as follows:

Monday’s pick-up will occur on Monday (July 2) – no change

Tuesday’s pick-up will occur on Tuesday (July 3) – no change

Wednesday’s pick-up will occur on Thursday (July 5)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 692-4266 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM. Thank you.

Info on Trash Pick-up & Recycling

The City of Somersworth contracts out their trash pickup. The contract is currently with Waste Management. Trash pickup is once a week, recycling is every other week on the same day. Trash is picked up on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on which street you live on. Refer to the 2018 recycling schedule, sorted by street name, to find out when your trash is picked up. The dates at the top of the schedule reflect when the recycling is picked up.

Your trash has to be placed in blue bags with the city seal on it. Trash bags can be picked up at these locations. Recycling bins are available at the City Clerk/Tax Office at City Hall during their regular hours at a cost of $8.00 each. You need to use at least one City bin.

For any questions, please contact Public Works at 692-4266.

Household Trash/Refuse

Since January 20, 1992, Somersworth residents have been required to buy trash bags marked with the City Seal in order for their trash to be collected at the curbside on rubbish day. If the trash is not in a Somersworth bag – it will not be picked up.  There is no limit to the number of bags put out at the curb, however, the bag must be light enough so one man can easily lift it.

As of January 1, 2017, the cost of trash bags will increase.  The new prices are as follows:  $1.85 for a 30-gallon bag and $1.30 for a 15-gallon bag.

The cost of the bags are equal to the individual cost for garbage to be collected and disposed of. In other words, if you reduce your garbage-you reduce your cost! Read the following to find out what you can and can’t recycle. Remember, recycling can lower your cost of trash disposal.

2018 Somersworth Guide

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste items are collected each week by Waste Management on your regular trash collection day. All items must have the appropriate ‘Bulky Waste’ sticker(s) attached. Items under this category include: mattresses, couches, sinks, and chairs. Several small items can be combined in a box not to exceed 3′ x 3′ x 3′ and under 50 pounds. Latex paint cans which have been dried out can also be put in the box. Bulky Waste Stickers can be purchased at the Tax Office at Somersworth City Hall and the Somersworth Public Library. For charges on bulky waste, Bulky Waste Charges.

Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Somersworth provides for annual collection of household hazardous waste (i.e., oil-based paint cans, waste oil) at a drop-off location. The 2018 Household hazardous Waste Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th at the Waste Management Turnkey landfill in Rochester. For questions, please call 692-4266.

Recycling FluorescentLight Bulbs (Tubes & CFLs)

Waste Management offers options for recycling CFLs and fluorescent tubes. For more information, please visit or Home Depot also offers CFL recycling at no cost.

Curbside Brush Pickup Rules

Brush will be picked up the third week in April, May, October, & November. You must call 692-4266 by the Friday before to be added to the pickup list. Please have your brush curbside no later than 7:00am on Monday, April 16th, Monday, May 21st, Monday, October 15th, and Monday, November 19th for pickup. Brush can be up to five (5) inches in diameter and ten (10) feet long. PLEASE NOTE: Brush pickup is limited to 20 minutes per stop. Any remaining brush and cleanup of debris is the responsibility of the property owner.

Residents may also bring their brush to Malley Farm*.

Leaves and Grass Clippings

Bagged leaves will be picked up the fourth week in April, May, October and November. You do not have to call ahead for bagged leaves pickup. Please have leaves curbside no later than 7:00 am on your trash pickup day the week of April 23rd, May 28th, October 22nd, and November 26th.

Residents may also take bagged leaves and grass clippings to the City’s compost facility at the Malley Farm*. Residents must empty bags and containers and remove them from the site before leaving.

*Malley Farm is located off Main Street in the Malley Farm Industrial Park on Centre Road. After crossing the railroad tracks, turn right onto the dirt road. Continue past the house to a driveway on the right which leads to a gate. Deposit leaves and grass clippings in this area.   If you have any questions please contact Public Works at 692-4266.

Bagged Leaves and Grass Requirements

Only biodegradable bags can be used. If leaves and grass are not in biodegradable bags, they will not be picked up. You may use biodegradable plastic bags or brown paper leaf bags.

Only leaves, grass, pine needles and garden debris are allowed in the compost pile at Malley Farm. Only Brush is allowed in the Brush