Tax Credits & Exemptions

All applications for Exemptions and Credits must be filed by April 15th, and not afterwards, for the current tax year. The application is permanent as long as you own your home or until your financial circumstances change. The Board of Assessors may review your application during subsequent tax years to determine continuation of eligibility. You must notify the Assessing Staff if you no longer qualify because of changes in income or assets.

Change of Residence

In the event of a property owner who receives and exemption / credits sells his property and purchases another property owned by him, the property owner has the responsibility of notifying the Assessing Office in order to continue receiving the exemption / credit. A new application will need to be submitted to the Assessing Office for the review.

Please feel free to contact the Assessing Department with any questions you may have regarding Tax Credits and Exemptions.

Use the links below for more specific information on individual Credit and Exemptions.

  • Elderly Tax Exemption
    A tax exemption in the form of a set amount off of the assessed value of a property is granted to qualifying persons age 65 and over.
  • Veterans Credit
    Choose this link for the specific credits that are available to qualifying veterans.
  • Blind Exemption
    Choose this link for a description of the Blind Exemption.
  • Tax Deferral for Elderly and Disabled 
    Please choose this link for information relative to hardship relief for the elderly and disabled.