Do I have to register my dog?

Yes. A dog must be licensed if you are a resident of Somersworth. Owners or keepers of dogs 4 months old or over must annually license their dog / s on or before April 30th. A current rabies vaccination must be presented. If the dog has been neutered or spayed, a certificate must be furnished (if licensing for the first time).

Licensing Fees 
4 months old but less than 7 months (not spayed or neutered)$7.50                                           
7 months old or older (spayed or neutered)$7.50
7 months old or older (not spayed or neutered)$10.00

Persons 65 years of age or over may license one dog for a fee of $2.00, and any additional license/s shall be at the regular fees. In addition to the fees noted above, a charge of $1.00 per month will be
assessed if the fees are not paid before June 1.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed to the Office of the City Clerk at (603) 692-9511 or (603) 692-9512.