Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is established per RSA 36:A and shall consist of three to seven members and one alternate member. The Commission reviews applications for conditional use permits and forwards their comments to the Planning Board for final approval. The Commission may also review State Dredge and Fill and State Wetlands applications.

The Commission is responsible to attend periodic workshop meetings and site walks, work with other groups and organizations interested in natural resources in the City and be involved with conservation easement monitoring and land acquisition.

The Conservation Commission's primary duty is to promote the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources and to protect the watershed resources of the City. If you are interested in finding our more about conserving your land, please see our National Resource Assessment for information regarding priority conservation areas .  

For more information on duties of Conservation Commission members, please stop by the Development Services Department at City Hall or call the Office of Economic Development and Planning at (603) 692-9519 or email Dana Crossley.

Commission Members



(603) 973-3690

Dale Smith-Kenyon


(603) 692-5738

Jeremy Rhodes


(603) 591-5694

Sarah McGraw


(603) 236-1019

Angela Ficco


(603) 973-9997

Larry Hamilton


(203) 219-0681

Mercedes O'Donohue