Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission (HDC) is established per RSA 673:4 and was instituted to safeguard the heritage of Somersworth by providing for the protection of the structures and areas representing significant elements of history by enhancing the visual character of the City and  encouraging and regulating the compatibility of architectural styles within the Historic District.

For more information on duties of Historic District Commission members, please stop by the Department of Development Services at City Hall, call 603-692-9519 or email Dana Crossley.

HDC Featured Property

16 Hamtilton Street










This HDC featured building is an Italianate style house built in 1850. Designed to resemble Italian country villas, the Italianate style was popular from 1845-1885. Features such as the asymmetrical building shape, low pitched roof with exceptionally large overhangs, the tall narrow windows, and the bracketing under the eaves are just some of what makes this a classic Italianate house. This house retains many of its original features and has been kept in impeccable condition. It is a prime example of an Italianate style building that has not lost the brackets, dentils or other defining features that are often lost with modernization.

  • HDC Myths and Facts

Myth – All repair or construction work within the Somersworth Historic Districts requires Historic District Commission approval, that’s a myth.

Fact – Only exterior repair or construction work will need an approval from the HDC prior to the start of any such work. Almost all repair or construction work does require a building permit here in Somersworth. Please check with the Somersworth Planning Dept before starting any repairs or construction.

The HDC is looking for the next featured building, any building in Somersworth over 50 years old will be considered. If you are interested in displaying your house, please email Brianna Belley.

Commission Members

Laura Barry



(406) 698-1795

George Poulin



(603) 692-6310

Councilor Rep


(603) 568-0268

Pius Murray

Member, Secretary


(603) 841-5836




William Poole