Mayor's Corner

Updated April 1, 2021
Mayor Hilliard


Hilltoppers Stand with our Asian Brothers and Sisters  

For 245 years, as a nation we have been on a perpetual journey. A journey to deliver on the promise we announced to each other, and the world upon our independence, “That all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

For 245 years, we have fought off the enemies who wished to extinguish the torch of liberty. We have stood strong with each other from the smell of musket fire to the roaring of the howitzer. Yet, while we have victories in our battles to defend freedom, in the war against our biggest enemy to liberty, our biggest enemy to our dreams, our biggest enemy to our hope, we have painstakingly advanced on little ground.

The enemy of our nation, our creed, our self-determination and identity does not lay outside the borders of our nation, it does not lay outside the busy streets of our metro cities or the quaintness of our suburban town. The enemy of our freedom, of our liberty and justice, the enemy of our hope and opportunity, lays within the reflection in the mirror upon each of us who refuses to acknowledge each of us as “brothers” and “sisters”.

For 245 years, we have continued to be the enemy of ourselves; from the genocide of our Native Americans to the enslavement of African Americans, from the second class citizen status of women, to the open discrimination of all immigrants.  The nation that was born from the thoughts, sacrifices, and unwavering determination of people who have ventured from other shores, has also had a 245 year complex problem and a self-charted course with oppression and hate.

Today, marks yet another day in our 245 year history that we gather once again; to demand that we re-instate what we were founded upon, to demand that our towns, our cities, our churches our schools, stand arm in arm together to battle the demons which are harbored in each of us. Today, we commit to cleansing ourselves of the hate which continues to stall our progress and overtake our hope and dreams.

To my Asian brothers and sisters; America does not belong to those who wish to oppress, America does not belong to those who wish to silence, America does not belong to those who wish to rob us of our dignity, our purpose, and our joys. America belongs to you, it belongs to each of us. America belongs to all who are dedicated to the promise of hope and opportunity for each soul who embraces the concept of “love thy neighbor.”

As Hilltoppers, we are aware that the foundation of our success is through honoring and celebrating differences. Each of us adds a thread to the quilt of the promise of our nation;

The promise of America, is the promise of freedom, liberty and justice for all, not the promise of hate.

The promise of America, is the promise that through dedication and hard work, the dreams which have been illuminated through liberty’s light will continue to shine, not the promise of hate.

The promise of America, is the promise that the strength of the nation comes through the diversity of its citizens. That diversity is the thread which binds the quilt together; protects our rights, affords us equality, and preserves our self-destination, not the promise of hate.

The promise of America, is the promise that through celebrating our differences we grow closer as a community and as a nation, not the promise of hate.

As Mayor of the Hilltop City, Hilltoppers are aware that our success comes when we celebrate and honor our differences. Each morning with pride we celebrate how our 10 square mile community has become home to the largest population of Indonesians North of New York City. During my tenure as Mayor our Indonesian brother and sisters have aided in leading us on our journey of rekindling the “Hilltopper Spirt” of “neighbor helping neighbor.”

We have embraced each other, learned from each other, celebrated each other, and have become one community.

We have guided each other into looking at our own reflection, awakening to the realization that although we may reflect differences, we are all the same. Our strength shines when we take each other’s languages, each other’s customs, each other’s hopes and dreams, and build a community.

To my Asian brothers and sisters, to my Indonesian fellow Hilltoppers, we will not abandon you, we will not turn our backs on you. Your pride, is our pride, your hopes are our hopes, your self-determination is our self-determination and your safety and lives are our safety and lives.

If as a nation, we are ever going to bring life to our values, uphold our creed and demonstrate what it means to be an American, then we must learn to celebrate our differences. My Asian brothers and sisters, the Hilltop City stands with fortitude in celebrating, loving and protecting all of you. As the “Welcoming City” we will continue to build upon the work of our immigrant ancestors, building a community where all are honored and celebrated. As Hilltoppers and Americans, our 10 square mile community will continue to stay true to our values of “neighbor helping neighbor.”

To my Asian brothers and sisters, know that we stand with you during this dark chapter in our nation’s long history of fighting internal hate. We will stand with you to battle the darkness of oppression and ensure that the light of freedom will shine upon you and all citizens.  

As a community, as united souls, as united brothers and sisters, let us each morning reaffirm our commitment to rise, to rise and let our self-reflections cast an image of openness and acceptance. Let us continue to celebrate our great diversity, and hold to our determination to build a nation that honors all; one household, one town, one City, one state and one nation at a time.   

May the promise of liberty shine upon all of us, and together let us continue towards the fulfillment our creed.


  For Somersworth we are “On the Move!” and our “Future is Now!”
We are a community! We are achieving progress and greatness! 

Mayor Dana S. Hilliard