2021 Halloween Contests

Happy Halloween


Congratulations to all our 2021 Halloween Contest Winners!! Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the contests! 

Hilltop Halloween Home Decorating Contest winners!

1st place

1st Place~ Roger Lewis

2nd place

2nd Place~ Cathy Burns

3rd place

3rd Place~ Trina Kapinos

 Congratulations to our 2021 Youth Costume Contest Winners! 

Ages 3-5 Category

1st place costume

1st Place~ Vidit Srivastava

Ages 6-9 Category

1st place ages 6-9

1st Place~ Colin Shinn 

Ages 10-14 Category

1st place ages 10-14

1st Place~ Torrin Kapinos 

Congratulations to our first pet costume contest winner!!

pet costume winner

Pet name- S'mores/ Owner- Aries Santiago