Site Review Technical Committee

The Site Review Technical Committee (SRTC) is established by the Somersworth Site Plan Review Regulations.  The purpose of this Committee is to review and vet development plans to assure compliance with City ordinances and make recommendations to the Planning Board.  Minor site plan applications may also be reviewed and acted on by the SRTC at their meetings. 

The SRTC also reviews conceptual and design review applications to give feedback early in the design process. For more information, please stop by the Development Services Department at City Hall or call Dana Crossley at the Planning Department at (603) 692-9519, or email.

Committee Members


Chair, Director Of Planning & Development

(603) 692-9517

Police Chief

(603) 692-3131

Fire Chief

(603) 692-3457

Director of Public Works & Utilities

(603) 692-4266

Building Inspector

(603) 692-9522

Chief Water Distribution Operator

(603) 692-4266

Paul Robidas

Planning Board Representative

(603) 692-2206