NH Downloadable Books

Browse and search for audiobooks and e-books from home by clicking this link. There are thousands of great titles from bestselling authors. Download audio books and e-books to your computer, transfer them to a portable device, or burn select audiobooks onto a CD for your enjoyment anywhere, anytime.

  • Free software (if required for your device) and free books
  • Automatic return
  • No late fees
  • Available anytime

Go to Overdrive's Website.

  • Install free software (if required for your device)
  • Checkout audiobooks and e-books using your library card number
  • Download audio books and e-books

Use the 14-digit bar code number on the reverse of your library card to get registered, download the free software, and begin to borrow 3 audio books or e-books at a time right from home. Call 692-4587 if you have questions or problems.

For current information about changes to New Hampshire Downloadable Books, new purchases for the collection and tips about all the different devices that may be used to access the service, just click on the link to the Official New Hampshire Downloadable Books Blog on the main page of the site, or use this web address.