Sustainability Tips

Conserving Energy

Many devices consume electricity even when they are turned off. It’s called “standby mode.” It provides minor advantages, such as allowing you to turn the device on via remote control, but it also increases the amount of electricity you are consuming (and paying for). 

A (very) few devices require constant power in order to retain data (older answering machines, for example). You can plug everything else into a surge suppressor (power strip). Once you have turned off the devices, turn off the strip.

Plastic Bags

Plastic shopping bags are petroleum products. Each bag requires oil for the material and energy to manufacture it. Moreover, they are light-weight and easily blown or floated long distances. The plastic ends up in the ocean, where it is ingested by fish, which you in turn ingest. 

Plastic bags take a long time to decay, so that once they get into the open, they have a lot of time to make it to the ocean and make things unsightly in the meantime. Keep a few fabric bags in your car, so that when you decide to stop at the store, you have the bags with you. Just remember to wash them on occasion.

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