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Let the Diversity of the Rainbow Shine ….Mayor Dana S. Hilliard Statement on the Orlando Terrorist Attack

One year ago, our nation stepped forward coming closer to delivering on the promise adopted in Philadelphia on July 4th 1776 with the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. The road towards crafting a nation built upon the foundation of universal human rights has been one strained with growing pains. Yet, through our suffering, we […]

echo 1

“The Echo”….Episode 1. Featuring Mayor Hilliard & Jenne Holmes

In an effort to continue to highlight Somersworth’s  “Proud Past” and “Bright Future”   Mayor Dana Hilliard and Jenne Holmes, editor and founder of “Somersworth Now” launched their monthly program on Ch. 22  and Ch. 95 titled “The Echo”. The Echo – Episode 1 will play everyday at 10:00am and 9:00pm. Also here https://somersworth.viebit.com#Qy8zssV27FU4. Coming soon….Episode 2 […]


Doing Business-

Welcome to Somersworth NH, a City with a proud history and a bright future. Conveniently located an hour north of Boston and just minutes from Portsmouth NH, Somersworth is a great choice for companies looking to start or grow their business.

Economic Development “e-News Message”

We get so much email these days that there are workshops and articles devoted to dealing with the daily deluge of email messages.  If I go an hour or two without my phone ringing I am not concerned.  However, if I don’t have multiple emails waiting for me when I return from lunch or a […]

Somersworth “Drug Needle Disposal Protocol”

Drug Needle Protocol


Somersworth Farmers Market

The Somersworth Farmers Market takes place June 2nd-September 29th on Thursdays from 3-6pm at Goodwin Community Health, 311 Route 108 Somersworth.

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