Tax Maps

Online GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

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Finding a Tax Map Using an Address:

Open the “Lookup by Location” document, find your property address. Once you find your address, you’ll find the property’s Map,Lot(also known as “Parcel ID) and Page number. For example, Somersworth City Hall is located at 1 Government Way with a Map number of 11, a Lot number of 212 and a page of F5 (Parcel ID 11 212 on page F5).

From the list of pages, click on F5. Once that page is open, look for the property with a Parcel ID of 11 212.

Finding a Tax Map Using the Property Map Index:

Open the Property Map Index. The Property Map Index is a map of the entire City. You can open this map and find a location that you want to see with more detail. Once you find that location on the Property Map Index, notice the number that corresponds with that row to the left and the letter that corresponds with that column on the top. That letter/number combination is the Page number you want to look for.


The Geographic Information Systems data issued by the City is for planning purposes only. Property information shown in the parcel maps was compiled from the existing Assessor’s tax maps maintained by the Department of Development Services. Parcel boundary data was NOT compiled through property research and recompilation. The City assumes no legal responsibility for the information shown on these maps. The tax maps were last printed in 2009.

Page A5Page C1Page D1Page E4Page F5Page G6
Page A6Page C2Page D2Page E5Page F6Page G7
Page A7Page C3Page D3Page E6Page F7Page G8
Page A8Page C4Page D4Page E7Page F8Page G9
 Page C5Page D5Page E8Page F9Page G10
Page B2Page C6Page D6Page E9Page F10 
Page B3Page C7Page D7Page E10Page F11Page H7
Page B4Page C8Page D8Page E11 Page H8
Page B5Page C9Page D9Page E12 Page H9
Page B6Page C10Page D10   
 Page C11Page D11   
  Page D12